Friday, January 06, 2006

Kingsjoy Did It First - My New Chatter Box

So Kingsjoy (whose website has no working RSS feed) added a chatter box on his blog today. Since he added the Frapper map to his site after I added it to mine, I decided I would steal this idea from him and add a chatter box.

I wrote it myself rather than using a prefab one, so that it would integrate well with my site layout and would include email notification. It is quite cool and I definitely encourage you to go over to my side bar and use it.

I made it so other friends could use my basic design as a pop up chatterbox, but I did not write any code to make it look nice. Take a look at this one I made for kingsjoy (I will not be offended if you want the slick looking one from Flooble.)

1 comment:

Randy said...

Once you get all the kinks worked out (because there will be some), if you developed this as a CFMODULE, then you should make it available on the ColdFusion Developer's Exchange as either freeware or shareware. Hey, charge $25 for it and you may make a little money.