Friday, January 06, 2006

Instant Blog Post

I think I despise my grandma Tasha. Often she is a little dumb, then last week she just intrigued me... I could really use her advice reading a book about memory in today's cut-throat corporate world, but then she began yelling:

"No kidding?! I am so sick of hearing about today's cut-throat corporate world all the time!"

At first I screamed "WHOA!" but then just now I just quieted down and began picking my nose. After all, she *is* my grandma and I need to make this work...

Link of the day: Your horoscope | Randomly generated by Flooble Instant Blog Post Generator

Do you want to write an Instant Blog Post?

This incredibly bizzaro site allows you to generate "random" blog posts for your site. Now that is just quinessentially odd. What is the point of a "random" blog post. My squinty eyed "what?" meter is off the chart.


kingsjoy said...

Hey, I just happened to add the flooble chatterbox to my blog today. That random thing is really funny. I'm with you--what??!!

PeaNuht said...

I thought it was a little out there... They are all out there...

I was reading it and I was like WHAT? then I started to pick my nose.

kingsjoy said...

check out my new message board:

or go to my blog, and look for link "kingsjoy chatter"