Sunday, January 15, 2006

Can We Play Again?

SO I can not resist this great story about life with a 4 year old. It was yesterday (Saturday) morning and my daughter had climbed into our bed. As she was there only for the purpose of being a bother she immediately began pulling back the covers to allow the cold winter air of our old house to bother my previously warm body.

I let her know I did not want my shoulder exposed to the cold and wrapped it back into the warm blankets. Thinking this was funny we repeated the game several more times before she lost intrest in seeing me scurry to rewarm my body.

Upon losing intrest in bothering me, she redirected her attentions to my wife. They dialouged and played for a few minutes until she once again decided it was time to devote her pestilent behavior into my warm snuggly world.

"Can we play again," she asks me?

"Play what?" I respond having already dozed back off and forgotten the previous incident.

"Expose Daddy," she statede with confidence!

This startled me into a state of being fully awake, and I told her, "We should tell people we play that game!"

To which she responded "So we can play expose daddy, but I can't tell anyone?"

I sighed and tried to go back to sleep as my wife was dying laughing.

1 comment:

PeaNuht said...

That's great! Ah, from the mouths of babes.
I do have to credit... a 4 yr old knowing what expose means is great. Although I don't know why she would want to expose you... Oh wait...take pictures and post them to the web!! SEXY!