Tuesday, February 07, 2006

A Superbowl Ad Review

I am amiss to admit that it is Tuesday and I have yet to comment on any Superbowl ads. That is because their quality was so poor and uninspiring. I blame my fellow people of faith over at the AFA and Parents Televison Council for bullying ABC and the NFL into a situation where this kind of lame advertising is all they feel safe enough to air.

Enough about my soap box. A few of the meager highlights in my opinion.

FUNNIEST AD: Hummer (Monster) - This was one of only 3 ads that had in my opinion the level of twisted humor one expects in the Superbowl of Ads. I actually think extreme Kudos go to the people at Hummer who produced an ad that was incredibly bizzare, roll on the floor laugh out loud funny, edgy and somewhat distasteful, and yet completely clean enough to get pass the ad Nazi's.

MOST MOVING AD: Dove (Beauty) - As a husband and father of two girls I think that there is a real need for us as a culture to recapture the true beauty of girls and women. Our over sexualized girls had made young women feel unworthy of the over produced under real stars of film, televion, and internet pronography. A company embracing reedeming this trend in my opinion is a goal worthy of praise.

BEST OVERALL MARKETING: Go Daddy (Offer) - After all the controversy and stink made over the 2005 Godaddy ad I think they made a perfect PR decision to make a spectacle of their efforts to get an "approved ad" for this year's superbowl. Press Releases, Web Only versions, and lots of commentary on the process made Go Daddy's ad not about the actual content of the ad, but instead about the journey to get the ad there. This could be the only company in the whole bunch that got their 1/4 of millions worth.

BEST OVERALL AD: United (Dragon) - Craig Frazier's animation first caught my eye with his piece "Pipe Dream" shown inflight on a United trip I took. He does the cover art for Hemisphere the inflight magazine and I assume he directed the animation on this wonderful story of childhood imagination and the world of a global business market. This ad deserves recoginition for the wonderful piece of art that was.

A Few Dis-Honorable Mentions:

Ok, That was Funny? - Michelob (Open) - Wow that was weird!
What? - Motorola (Pebble) - Asteroids and cell phones... yeah that makes sense...
P.S. Until you get us the new MotoQ nobody cares about any new prodcuts you've got!!!
Disturbing Usage of A Muppett - Ford (Kermit Ad) - No!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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