Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I Wept After Preaching This

Back in August I was preaching at a youth rally and had one the most moving moments I have had of my entire life. When I finished preaching this sermon I went out and wept. I was so overwhelmed. A person caught exceprts of the sermon on a Camcorder being used to record parts of the weekend. I wish for my own sake I had the whole sermon but I do not. I have embedded here, one exceprt from her video.


PeaNuht said...

That is an awesome sermon. I have often said that when Christ was in the garden praying to have this taken from him, that it wasn't due to the pain that he would endure from the whips or nails... but when God would turn from him and he would be alone. That was what Christ didn't want. Take something that you have had your whole life. Like your big toe...would you freely give it up? Just a thought... Good Job Bowman!

Christine Boles said...


Anonymous said...

You can totally tell that you are impassioned (is that a word and if so, did I spell it right?) The audience looks captivated.

Is this the youth ralley that took away my husband from me and left me with a newborn, and two toddlers the week before we were moving half way across the nation??????

He's still paying for that one! :)