Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Best Blonde Joke Ever

Best Blonde Joke EVER!!!


Christine Boles said...

Ok, here I am, the Sitting Duck, waiting to be zinged.
I can give you fodder for the Zingmeisting:
I have been varying shades of fake blonde for about a year, now.
it took me quite a few moments to get this blonde joke!

I await the zing~
don't be nice, you'll make me feel bad! Zing me back! Go on!

Kevin J Bowman said...

The question is how many blogs did you got through before you figured it out?

I got it on the second blog...

gerbmom said...

3 - last week on Julies Blog. Made me smile tho!

Christine Boles said...

You got it on the second blog?

Um...I did, too.


Christine Boles said...

Actually, I think I went into the 4th one, before I caught on.

PeaNuht said...

I have seen this before...infact I found a geek that posted a map of the route from which this started and where all the links from where point to where... It was funny.