Friday, April 28, 2006

God Is Good...All The Time

I want to thank all of you are praying for my mom. It has been a nerve wracking week, and I imagine that is MUCH more true for her and my dad, than for us kids who are getting the information second hand through them.

On Tuesday, when she was supposed to learn the details of the stoke, she was told the Cat Scan results were never sent from the hospital to the Neurosurgeon, and it seemed she had been prescribed the wrong course of action for the diagnosis of the stoke.

In spite of this she FEELS great. I believe that in response to the prayers offered on her behalf she was healed, and the action by the ER doctors, though seemingly incompetent, was irrelevant thanks to the power and blood of the great physician.

Please continue to pray for her ongoing recovery, and I will update again when I know more.

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gerbmom said...

thanks for the update, Kevin.
still praying....