Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Freecycle - A Cool Resource

I am in love with Freecycling!!! Have you done this. It is WAY to cool to pass up if you have never been involved. It is an organization dedicated to matching people with needs to people with things. I have just recently learned of Freecycling, and am wondering "WHERE HAS THIS BEEN!!!" I am a pack rat. I keep things I will NEVER need again. The reason is simple. They are perfectly functional, and I can not dispose of a perfectly functional item even if I have no need for it. So my shed has been full.

That is until this weekend. I cleaned it out and offered all our collected junk up on Freecycle. Hereis my page that lists all the things I offered. My shed looks GREAT and all that wonderful stuff stayed out of the landfill, and will be used by people who will enjoy is, as I did at one time or another.

There is another member of our church who saw my post and sent me an email questioning why I did not take all the clothing up to our church. I thought about this, and I had my reasons. I felt it was better to offer it freely as a complete set to someone who had need than to have it all divided up and placed out for the "mad rush" of a free clothing day. These clothes were nice, and as a complete set, they could really be a blessing to this individual.

There are legitimate arguments against my decision, but I still stand by. Our church does not have an exclusive hold on clothing distribution, and I defend my choice to be a part of this community.

I don't know, maybe I am concerned with something that means nothing.

Tonight I am going to pickup 116 paving stones.... Awesome we were already planning on building a patio this Summer!!!

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