Sunday, April 16, 2006

A Self Councious Explanation

I am a speaker not a writer. I wrote this post because these are the ideas I have been focusing on during this period of lent. This is meant to be the 4 points of my easter sermon, but since I am not preaching, I needed to convey it this way.

When I write, I usually speak out the thoughts and then convert them to text. Writing an essay takes me about 2 hours since I am much more comfortable speaking than writing. This was typed out as straight thoughts, with no editing. It is meant to be more of a flow of counciousness, a conclusion to these thought processes for me.

I hope you can take the gold from these four points and be blessed by it as I have ben blessed by the lessons I learned this season of lent.

Part One: A Son and A Daughter
Part Two: A Barren Woman
Part Three: The Lord Kept Vigil
Part Four: A Teenage Birth and A Premature Death

We are going to a friends house for Easter dinner. When I get back I will fix up grammar and spelling, but I am keeping the flow of the language in it's natural progression. God bless you and happy Easter.

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