Monday, April 10, 2006

A Few Thoughts on Appendix A

Andrew Peterson has released a Bootlegs and B-Sides album. I recieved it in the mail today and I wanted to include a few initial thoughts.

Land of The Free - I have always thought this was AP's best song. I am glad to have so much easier access to it than as a hidden track. I wish he had not "cut" it up with all the concert locations.

"I'm just a little jealous
of the nothing that you have
You're unfettered by the wealth of
The world that we pretend is gonna last"

Flesh and Blood - This has not been on any previous album. It was 1/2 way through the song when his point hit me. I restarted the song and was amazed at the wonder and revernece he demonstrated toward the great sacrement. If you have ever doubted the importance of the communion meal.. this song will explain it in a way you will understand it's importance.

"Hallelujah for the bread it is his body
And the wine it is the blood that binds us now
And the living bread remains
it is the communion of the saints.
Sing the mystry of faith
Flesh and Blood"

Alaska or Bust- This is just a plain great song. The story of his uncle makes it all better.

Miss Jaime - This is the great fun that makes an album like this so precious.

Three Days Before Autumn - Since AP is one of the few people who shares Rich Mullins skill for song writing hearing his tribute was another highlight to this album.

Doxology - What a wonderful song. AP says in the liner notes he would like to see Churches using this song. I truly believe he will see that. It is a beautiful reminder of the GLORY of our God.

Isn't it Love - I was working away at my desk and this song came on with his BEAUTIFUL arrangement for the album. Then he came to this line and right there in my office my eyes welled up and I could only cry at the AMAZING love of our God.

"Isn't it love to look down from the sky
to see you only son on the cross asking why...
somehow let him die that way
and not call the whole thing off. "

So in essence what I am saying is buy this album, especially if you are an AP fan.

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