Friday, April 14, 2006

No Time For A Decent Post

I have not had time in weeks to write a decent blog post. I have had a few comments, a few surveys, so general news and updates. As for writing something meaningful, I have just been to swamped with life and other commitments to sit down and devlop an idea the way they need to be developed.

This morning, I present an amazing post to you, that is perfectly developed, and speaks to the serious issues of our world. I did not write it however. It was written by my favorite blogger on the net, Milton over at "Don't Eat Alone." So please jump over and read "Life Giving Things."

He has a good follow-up this morning that was an obittuary to Rev. William Sloane Coffin.

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don't eat alone said...

Thanks, Kev --

Happy Easter!

Peace, Milton