Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Reflections: A Teenage Birth and A Premature Death (4 of 4)

The rebellion of God's children.
The hope of the miracle of a child to barren woman.
The Lord serving as night watchman to the freedom of his people.

How these stories all show such beautiful aspects of God's lovelorn for his people. The most precious of these stories is of course the miracle of teenage girl's unplanned pregnancy and the death he would die at the hands of the religious elite of his day.

Israel was an occupied land. His people were without hope. The temple did not bear the glory of God, and the king was not the Lord himself, but a surrogate vassal of the pagan Emporer of Rome. This was not the dream of "promised land."

Into that world, God sent the eternal hope of all mankind to the humble home of a man and his young bride to be. This child, the King og Kings and Lord of Lords grew up in an insignificant family, from an insignificant town, in an insignificant region of Israel. The hope of the world, the voice of creation, the king of peace was in livining an indistinguishably simple life from those growing up around him.

The children of Father were created by a miracle of dust ond the breath of God. The child of Sarah was born from the miracle of renewd womb. The birth of the nation of Israel was a miracle that led his people from slave to citizens. Now, the hope of the world, was born of a miracle of a young virgin bride to be.

This young Mary raised him, taught him, and sadly watched him on this day, the day of his premature death. This day when he would be called to a mountain, to face a death that would bring a final freedom to the slavery of all people.

I think Jesus must have remebered the pain in Abraham's heart as he watched him prepare to sacrifice young Issac on altar. His thoughts in gethsemane must have drifted back to those of Abraham as he scaled that mountain with his son of God's promise, knowing what he had been called to do.

"So take me to the mountain, I will follow where you lead.
There I'll lay the body, of the boy you gave to me.
Even though you take him, still I ever will obey.
So maker of this mountain, please make another way."

Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord
And The Lord I will Obey
Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord
And The Lord I will Obey
Lord help me I don't know the way.
-Andrew Peterson

It was Jesus there who said, "Let this cup pass from me... but not my will but yours be done." It was that child of the miracle who stared down the gauntlet of death and remembered the hopes, the dreams, the tears, the songs, the journey's of his people and submitted himself to that one True Will, to that one Final Hope, which would reunite the father to his rebellious children; that would end the pain of of dreams shattered by the fall; that would bring freedom to all slaves, of all kingdoms, for all time; that would finally break the curse of death. One death to end them all!

Our entire story. God's entire passionate pursuit of his people would be finished once and for all. Hope would be be ressurected that first easter morning. God's people would finally begin their song that would be sung for all eternity. "Holy is the Lord, Holy is the Lord..."

My Lord, died on a cross that this rebellious hopless slave might live to sing with the voices of eterinity. Easter morning, Christ arose so that the celebration could begin. Am I living everyday as a part of this celebration?

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