Monday, April 17, 2006

President Bush: The Music Thief

Gizmodo reports this morning that President Bush has admitted to Brittish news agency Sky News to having stolen music on his IPod. That is right... get all the silly sorrid details for yourself. You can also watch the video confession.

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WickyWicky said...

Once Again The RIAA Complains,Who's next the chair. of the RIAA. We all know that the recording industry deserves the money but we dont have 2 get selfish. Come on Ripping A Cd. Its your property and as long as ur not selling it, it should be ok and not be such a big deal.(i also think each cd or mp3 bought should have it where u have a license to share that mp3 or cd a maximum of 5 times with friends or family[eg. copys not for you])
but hey who cares what I, the purchaser thinks!