Sunday, April 16, 2006

Easter Reflections: A Son & A Daughter (1 of 4)

As I think about our Lord's pursuit & passionate love of his people I am overwhelmed by this our Easter story.

Our Easter story starts that 6th day of creation as God spoke into the beauty of his perfect unfallen creation and created the first children. The story of God's children, is most definitely our story. From the innocence and beauty of those precious 2 in the garden as their Father, looked on them

I love Stephen Schwartz's, Children of Eden accounting of "Father" looking down on these first two children.

"Sleeping there like angels
Innocent and simple
I think she's got my nose
I think he's got my dimple

In my own image
From my likeness are they sprung
They will keep me company
They will keep me young

That's what it means to be a Father
Planning their future as you watch your children sleep
That's what it means to be a Father
I never knew that I could feel a love so deep"

How his heart must have broken as their story became a story of rebellion. How he must have wept with a lover's bittnerness at his lifemate's grave. The pain that pierced his heart like a spear, would be a pain he would later come to feel much to literally.

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