Monday, October 10, 2005

Rockford Christian Camp Columbus Day

I have now completed my first weekend as the actual director of a camp session. It was blessed experience. I feel it went well, I believe that the teens were blessed and had a great deal of fun.

We had an "Amazing Race" and a Amazing Sunday Night Campfire. We had a torch light communion, and a glow light ultimate game. We had "Romans and Christians" and a punk band called "Fighting Chance." We had hoodies for warmth and near freezing temps to make them strangely inadequate.

It was a great session. We had two new youth groups Cardinal Drive and Moline and were blessed by both.

Patrick, Rob, and Chris were all outstanding. The quality they demonstrated to the teens was far greater than the time I left them to prepare once I got my shcedule set.

We had old faithful counselors like Tim Miller, Whitney Jinkerson, Greg Peck, and Nichole Flatt. Some new faithful counselors named Cindy Perez and Ken Lake. Albert Hunt was able to move up from camper to counselor. A few others we were able to round up to assist us with this session, including 4 from Rochester College that were such a blessing to the weekend.

I am so thankful to Betty Foss for filling in at the last minute as Nurse. I am so thankful to Sid Fryer for coming out and making sure that all the "physical needs of A/V and Fires were met. I am abundantly thankful to Lori and Cliff Plummer who were there to ensure we ate, and in their amazing way found time to serve and be among the kids despite having the most taxing job there.

I would be amiss to not mention my wife, who came out to get all Kevin's crap jobs. She did them with grace despite the fact that they always seem to land on her. I love her so much. She cleans up and helps in the background to make me come through as shining and brilliant in the spotlight.

I could not have asked for a better first session as a director. I had 0 behavior problems. Weather though cold was never crippling. My staff was better than one could ask for with the disorganized mess I am at the helm. We were rarely on schedule, but always seemed to get everything done we wanted to.

To everyone who came out and served, and to all the teens who came out to be a part of it, I say thank you. God was among us, and I am not ashamed!!!


Anonymous said...

I posted my camp pics! Take a look:

Anonymous said...

i have sent you some emails about the retreat and some other things. You know Chris Merches? Thats so cool if you do. he is the one heading up the youth weekend in davenport in november that i sent you info on! anyways, great retreat. see you soon. keep on doing what you do, and you know where to find me bro. God bless, rob fraser-moline,il