Thursday, October 06, 2005

RCC Columbus Day Retreat

So after 9 years of serving on various staff positions at Rockford Christian Camp the board of directors has given me my FIRST session as director. Starting tommorow we will attempt to TOP the fun and spiritual impact of every session there has been before.

Allow me to share some highlights:

Friday Night: The Comedy Club
I am bringing with me a Brad Stine DVD called "A Conservative Unleashed" and we are turning our Mess Hall into a Comedy Club. Low light, Rootbeer Floats and Chocolate Cigars in a pine and glass humidore are all among the ideas I have so far. This will be an hour for the kids to visit and laugh.

Saturday Speakers: Patrick Odum and Rob Carris
Without bringing in speakers of great cost I could not imagine a better speaking team than these two. Both are great Godly men and wonderful at expressing that to teens. I love both of these guys a great deal and they will be a real blessing to our session.

Saturday Night: Meditation Walk and Midnight Communion
Starting at about 10:30 PM the teens will go on a meditative walk written by Tim Miller. The walk will conclude at a dark unlit camp fire. There will be torches, a rustic table, a video, and hot unleavened bread for our candlelight communion.

Sunday Evening: A NEW Romans and Christians
At the request of the teens we will be playing a new variation on Romans and Christians. Our hope is that the teens will be less knowledgeable about who is who. This should make a great game.

These are a few of the activity highlights. We will also have sweatshirts for the camp shirt and for the warmth which should be a highlight for the teens as the evening temps are going to be in the mid to high 30s.

I would ask for your prayers. Pray for impact and protection over the teens. Pray that God will be honored and Christ will be more real as we worship and teach together as a group. We asks for your prayers.

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