Monday, October 17, 2005

Mopping McDonalds For Jesus

This is from a post called High Noon Part Three over at Patrick Meads Blog:

Or the time that a single mother who struggled against all odds to raise her children ran up against school regulations and an uncaring employer. She wanted to be at her kids' school for the parent teacher conferences but her employer -- a manager at McDonalds -- wouldn't give her the night off. The elders volunteered to go to the conferences in her place but the school wouldn't allow it. State law said only the parent or legal guardian had the right to confidential info about the child (understandable). One of our elders, who owned stores all over the state and was a very well to do man, went to the McDonalds manager and asked him personally to release the woman for that evening. When the manager refused, our elder volunteered to work in her place. He came in three nights in a row to learn her job and then worked that night for her -- for free. By the end of the week the entire town had heard about it. It's hard not to notice when a wealthy man is working at McDonalds mopping floors and cleaning toilets... without a word of complaint.

NOW THAT IS CHRISTIANITY. That is being Jesus! That is deomstrating what it means to be a servant. I need to get out and get uncomfortable with some junk like that. If I had been the elder I'd have done the easy thing and hired her at one of my places, but no he took the role of the servant, and Christ was glorified. I LOVE IT!!!!

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rob said...

Great story...and a great example to keep before us. Funny how that kind of love was the only thing Jesus demonstrated, and the only actual factual "command" he gave us...and yet the thing that characterizes evangelicalism the least.

Thanks for the nice input on my blog.