Wednesday, October 12, 2005

What do we value?

I just don't understand how a church can feel that they need more young families and yet be SOOOOOOOOO bad at the subject of nursery care.

Seriously, I am so close to stopping attending on Wed night. Like tonight, the preschool teacher was late and so I immediately said I'd take the preschoolers, so who has the nursery?

No one had the nursery! That's right So I had the preschoolers I was trying to teach and my toddler I was trying to care for. I love teaching, and it was no problem for me to fill in, BUTTTTTTTTTT AGAIN I would like some assitance with the baby.

My biggest issue here and the reason I bring it up over and over is I am treated like a second class citizen because I need child care so I can serve. How much more of a burden is the seeker going to be treated like who just wants infant care so he cam hear the gospel message.

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Randy said...

Don't forget that there is more than just providing basic child care. The child care must be exceptional. You need energetic, well-trained people staffing the nursery. There is no greater fear to a parent visiting a church than when they leave their child with a stranger.

Many seekers also make decisions about where to go to church based soley on thier children's experience. Many parents will make a sacrifice of personal comfort to choose a church that thier children are excited to go to. So, just don't throw something together to get have to go above and beyond and make child care exceptional (if you really want to be attractive to seekers).