Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Google - Sun - My Comments

I have held my comments on this annoucement for days now waiting to see what would materialize before I left my mark. I must say, I was going to praise Google for teaming up with Sun to bring us GOffice or that would be based on the StarOffice code but would be a completely web based application. I was going to shout and laud the new day of dumb terminals. This "Office" annoucement and Google San Francisco along with the Google National Wi-Fi rumor seems to to be the usher for the day when my entire "My Documents" is all web based. I would much rather pay a small fee a month ($10 per family member per month seems fair) to have all my 4-6 GB of stuff safe and accessebile no matter where I am without regard for OS or Hardware

Imagine, I am at a customer, he needs a doc I did not bring, jump on GOffice and hand it over. I am church and forgot the Powerpoint, jump on GOffice and run it right there through the net. Imagine, my video files stream down to me. My pictures always available to run as a slide show from anywhere. The Java side promising unfettered access depite my desktop OS.

I want a web based information world. Although Seth Jayson makes some good points in this Motley Fool Article. I think that this is the future we need to go into. I was expecting that in todays annoucement. So mind you I was severly let down.

My comments to Google or GoDaddy (the only 2 companies I think have the flare, innovation and capital, to pull it off) I want my Office Suite and My Documents Online.

(Aside - You may note that I mention GoDaddy and they offer Online File Folder which is a GREAT PRODUCT but it still not what I am talking about here. The problems with Online File Folder is my documents are basically just "backed up to them" and even with the Sync tool. If I do not put them in the one particular folder it does not sync them. GoDaddy's System needs to at least make the sync tool "index and search" for all new documents of file types I assign and copy them at every change. This would be a great step until the Web is the PRIMARY housing of My Documents both the files themselves and the editor to manipulate them.)

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Randy said...

Have you checked out Microsoft's new SyncToy? I don't know if it will work over the web (I hadn't thought to try that) I am using to keep my laptop files sync'ed with files on the file server and sync'ed with my files on my home machine. I now always have a backup of everything I am doing on three computers. I know it is not exactly what you are talking about...but it does have the features you wish GoDaddy had?