Monday, October 24, 2005

The Kingdom of Heaven is Like Great Sex

I want to plan a mens retreat, but I don't think the elders at my church will approve it. It is called "The Kingdom of Heaven is Like Great Sex."

I think that men understand the excitement, the thrill, and the enjoyment of great sex. I think that every bit of the passion of great sex is found in God's longing to redeem his people. I think it is SUCH a perfect illustration for explaining this passion in a way that is relevant to lukewarm pseduo-spiritual men to enable them to embrace this passion and become passionate about being involved in going the direction God is going..

Here are my topics for the weekend: (They are very rough right now and need to be hashed out much more before I formally submit this to anyone for approval and planning. Any comments appreciated.)

Flirting and Courtship: God's passion to know his Lover.
Spiritual Foreplay: How God Pursue's the individual.
The Big O: The Perfection of Salvation.
Improved Intimacy: How Sanctification makes relationship w/ God Better
7 Year Itch: Being Robbed by Carnal Christianity
Kiss and Tell: The exciting side of evangelism

I feel so much like most the men in my church see going as a chore. There is no "spark" or "passion" in their understanding of God. So any other ideas for men to understand the passion God has to redeem his people, please let me hear them.


Anonymous said...

The title itself will get them in the door... and then your wondefully talented self will get to the heart of the matters! I think it's a good idea... but then again.. I'm on the more liberal side of things, and it's not my approval you'll need for this... goodluck!

PatrickMead said...

I do a ton of men's retreats and let me assure you: this one needs to be written and then done as frequently as possible. Great thinking. Go for it.

Anonymous said...

Hey Kevin. I love this idea! I'm making plans for the area Men's Retreat May 5-6 and I think we could do this then. Call me or email me and let's talk about it.

Love the blog, by the way....


Unknown said...

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