Monday, October 31, 2005

Soul Lift Video and Mp3

Back in August I spoke at Soul Lift in Chicago. At that time I blogged that I would post a video file that had been taken by one of the mothers at the youth rally. Well it only took me 3 months to get around to it. Yesterday when I was doing all the work for seeing how video and sound could work for our church website, I decided to take out the VHS and copy one of the sermons over to web format as well.

She was having techincal difficulties and there are chunks missing where the camera was not working, and she changed tape, or stuff like that. BUT, for the most part the talk is now available for download.

Convicted - 08/05 - Part 3
-Full Sermon - WMV Video - MP3 Audio
-4 Minute Sample - WMV Video - MP3 Audio

The full sermon is 40 minutes of video and audio and includes my teaching and a skit that was part of the service. The 4 minute sample however is the section that I most reccomend watching. It is only 4 minutes and I am sharing with the kids the gravity of the nature of the gospel.

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