Monday, October 31, 2005

Christian Communication - With Open Hearts

User FoxTrotDelta over at the Ooze wrote the following quote in a post in the "do you have an inner hippie thread"

When we begin to open up to each other from our hearts and communicate on that level we are entering a new dimension. You can feel it. It's sacred, or holy ground and we can feel very uneasy because our heads, or intellects, are having to give over their authority and they do their best to pull us back by making us feel guilty and inadequate etc. They don't give up easily! You see our intellects are really programmed and ruled over by the world we have been brought up in and that is not who we truly are. In practice it's the front we have been taught to put on to survive in this world.

Now I'm going to stick my neck out here and try to explain the spiritual significance of all this. I can vouch that I have tested these things and they work and they also line up perfectly with scripture but in a slightly different way to the normal Christian interpretation.

JC said, from memory, "Where two or three are gathered together in MY NAME there I am in the midst of them," or something like that. Now most Christians interpret this to mean that we literally tack his name on the end of our prayers etc. and he'll be there. Well anyone can do this if they wish but I think we find, that in most cases, it doesn't really work that well. It's like chanting a mantra!

In practice MY NAME means MY NATURE and when we enter into 'heart mode' we are entering into 'the holy of holies' into the presence of our Father. (We are the temples of God - they dwell in us!) So when we speak from there we speak in HIS NATURE and you all should know how much authority is behind that nature! He, Jesus, gave his nature over to us when he died.

All I can say is wow! That last paragraph would should be read at the begining of every meeting at church. We need to deintellectualize and be more open hearted as the entire church!


Anne said...

Kevin, I'm so glad you added Foxtrot's comments to your blog! Hey, may I link to you??

kingsjoy said...

Foxtrot is definitely on to something. I wonder if you have to be isolated from churchism, living on a beautiful island in New Zealand to experience God the way he has? I'm hoping not.

I linked to you as well, without asking permission--hope that's ok.