Thursday, March 04, 2004

Sen. Clinton Sounding Very Republican

Senator Clinton is taking pointers from the darkside. Newsmax Magazine reported that last night on Lou Dobbs' Exporting America Expose, Senator Clinton said she was passionate about tax rebates for companies that keep American jobs in America.
The article quoted Mrs. Clinton as saying “We need to look at our tax code and be honest about what it does produce, the consequences of the actions that we're taking.” That is the most truthful, least liberal comment I have ever heard the Senator make.
She is right, American tax code, which currently punishes U.S. companies by granting tarriff relief to nations that are our political enemies. We need to abolish the "income" format of taxation and return to a tax system that is based solely on Tarriffs and Luxury items.
I only hope Senator Clinton TRULY has the conviction to take her comment to Mr. Dobbs that far.

Lou Dobbs also posted his Exporting America checklist for determing which companies are working to exploit the lienent tarriff laws, and employment laws of foreign nations.

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