Monday, March 29, 2004

Bad Time At O'Hare - Great Time In Savannah!

My family and I traveled to Savannah, GA for a show this weekend. It was cheaper for the church to fly us in on Friday evening so we left out after work on Friday to see the beautiful land of the Georgia aristocrats.
Our drive to O'Hare was uneventful until after I had dropped Christi off to go grab the boarding passes, while Ella and I parked the car. I was driving along the I-190 O'Hare loop looking for Economy parking and could not find it. Then at the last second, there it was, I swerved to make the lane change not seeing the cement curb that divided the two lanes. When I did see the curb, I was travelling at 40+ MPH and had no time to try and swerve back out of the turn so I just held on and commited to take the van across the median. BAM!!! was the sound I heard as I landed on the other side, with 2 working tires less than I started the lane change with. I hobbeled at 5 MPH to the parking garage and grabbed the baby to goto the gate.
Upon arriving at the gate, Christi realized I did not have the car seat. DOH!!!! With around 45 minutes till departure, I ran back through security, back to the parking tram, grabbed the car seat, back to tha parking tram again, back through security again, made a quick stop at McDonalds to get us all some supper and arrived back a the gate about 5 minutes before departure. Luckily, the flight was Delta and therefore delayed.
When we arrived in Savannah the church's reservation at the hotel had gotten lost and I though the fiasco that was this weekend was only going to continue. It did not. Saturday morning we got a car, got moved into a nicer hotel, and had a wonderful lunch w/ Glen the Children's minister and his girlfriend Lisa. That afternoon we went to the Atlantic and got to see EB's first experience w/ the beach. We saw Mark Lowry on Saturday night. Great show very funny, do not take a 2 year old with you. Sunday we had a GREAT performance. All in all it was a wonderul weekend. I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to travel this country, playing a mad scientist, and ministering to these kids. It is a splendid blessing.

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