Monday, March 08, 2004

Annual Report to the Enemies

It is pleasant to know that for yet another year our nation has sent a detailed list of our national defenses to the U.N. Conventional Arms Register so that we can be in proper compliance with all UN member nation provisions.

This reminds me of a story from Church History. It takes place on Christmas day, 800 AD. Pope Leo III wanted to demonstrate his authority as the Vicar of Christendom so he called Charles I the King of the Franks to Rome. In an act that was unexpected by even Charles himself, the Pope crowned him "emperor of the Romans" The tradition of the Papal crowning of powerful kings continued until the 17th century when shortly after the reign of Charles VI, the peace of Westphalia ended the process.

In the 16th century, Charles V spent a great deal of thought and composition on the subject of Authority. Until that point there was little discussion as to the position of authority held by the pope if he did the crowning. Charles understood that if the king had to receive the blessing of the pope, and report his monarchial rulings to the pope, this meant he was under the authority of the pope.

I feel as if all of my readers are intelligent, logical enough people to see my parallel here. If we want to protect the sovereign soil of this nation we must remain sovereign from ALL external authorities. We should encourage our national authorities to excuse ourselves from the U.N. and from all their "crowning" decrees and filings.

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