Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I encourgae veryone to participate in the petion at This petition is to ask the ICANN to remove Verisign's charter as the registrar over the .com and .net TLD. From my personal experience I have seen this company abuse this position in 2 ways. This company has abused this position by sending out letters for Domain renewals that were clearly registered through one of their licsencees. Even more important, and more intrusive than that, is their recent addition of the "Site Finder" service, which redirects mistyped names to their own advertising pages. This is an abuse of the entire Internet DNS system.
When Verisign claim's in Press Releases that they are not hijacking the DNS system through their usage of wild cards, that is a blatant lie, meant to look good in the press, with no foundation at all within those who understand the principles of DNS.
Do your part to support the future of a free internet! Sign the peition to revoke Verisgn's charter.

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