Thursday, March 25, 2004

A 2 Year Old Terrorist

Although, my wife and I would have no problem admiting that our daughter can be quite the terror, she is no threat to national security or airport safety. But try telling that to George "Hitler" Bush and Tom "Muller" Ridge in Washington. These sanctions against the American people put in place by this facist regime after 9/11 make it mandatory for me to bring a birth certificate with me to prove the identity of my daughter. This is ridiculus. She is 2 YEARS OLD!!! This is ABUSE OF POWER of the grandest sort. This is an outrage to the principles of liberty these two "terrorist" are claiming to protect.
I will take my daughters birth certificate, and I will mourn this further invasion to the freedom of the American people as I surrender it to the Gestapo officials monitoring our airports. THANK YOU Mr. Ridge for Keeping our "Homeland" or should I say "Duestchland" safe. Heil G.W.

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