Friday, March 03, 2006

Our Valentine's dinner

I took my wife out to Wildfire this evening for valentines day. I know we are nearly a month late, but that is how busy our life has been. This is the first weekend night we have had avaialable to make reservations and get out together with the children having a sitter.

We went to the Wildfire in Schaumburg. I had the crusted filet medallions with a flight of red of wines. The flight featured four wines.

The first wine was the Mirassou Merlot - The smell was inviting and sophisticated. It had a warm and antique feel that I was excited to sample. However only one word came to mind when I tasted it, cheap. This wine was like a shopping trip to the Bombay Company. It appeared to sit comfortably among it's peers but actually was Chinsy and poorly made when compared to an actual fine wine.

The second wine to be reviewed was the Echelon Merlot. It was dark, warm and inviting. This wine was comforting, like spending a day in story telling, great theological debate, and general musings with an old friend. It had an integrity and an intelligence that anyone would desire in a best friend. This wine conveys intimacy and trust to those it is shared with.

The third wine, the Sterling Vintners Cabernet Sauvignon was a smart wine. It felt complete like the tenious plans made by a veteran engineer. This wine was a pleasure to the pallette.

Finally the fourth wine of this wine flight was the Estancia Cabernet Sauvignon. This wine was both perky and threating. It had a fun side, yet knew how to be mature when the time called for it. As a person she would be both sophisticated professional and a daring prankster. This person would seem distant and cold at first, yet develop to be a most trusted friend. This wine belongs as a staple table wine in any hospitable home.

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