Tuesday, March 21, 2006

If I Only Had A Hat!

Today is primary election day here in Illinois. I am deeply disturbed by the canidates and their platforms. I studied last night, reading the platforms, ideas, and blogs of the canidates competing on both sides. There is not one canidate I could support. I voted independent, because there was a tax referendum here in town.

So I decided to find an alternative canidate to cast my self behind. Here is the result.

That is right, I have a strong platform, I think independently, and I am deeply committed to education, personal liberty, and justice. These are the values that I think ring throughout the grassroots of America.

So now, If only I had a "war chest" to get this campaign past the logo stage :-)


Anonymous said...

I should have voted for you. I wasn't thrilled about the Illinois candidates either. [Insert sound of exasperation here]

gerbmom said...

wow - you got my blog-wary friend to comment. Apparently what you said resonated with her and she couldn't help herself!

Kevin J Bowman said...


I tried to reply, but it was an "anonymous" comment, so it had no reply info. Tell her thanks for me!