Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Boycott of Fed-Ex and Kinkos

Kinko's customer service email is and you need to know it because the people of the world need to warn the company that we will not sit by while they behave like a playground bully.

You can read the whole story or just take the high point from my summary. A security researcher posted a video on the web showing how they EASILY hacked a
Kinko's Express Pay Card and then changed it's value to $50. The research company made one copy and printed a reciept to prove the transaction was legitimate. After failed private attempts to warn Kinkos, finally the company published the video to the internet to get
Kinkos attention regarding their warnings. The result is instead of attacking thanking these "knights in shining armor" and firng entrac the system provider Fedex Kinkos is threating to sue Secure Science for theft, despite the fact they spent only $.20 of the dollar they originally paid.

Fedex Kinkos needs to know that their customer base will not stand for this. Secure Science should be thanked and honored, not made the subject of their legal department crosshairs. I am asking that you take a minute to drop an email to Kinkos letting them know if they continue in this course of action it will result in a loss of business for both their FedEx and Kinkos divisions.

The company did not publish the magical three digit code because they were trying to do Kinkos a favor. If this is how the kind of company they want to be, then I am not not the kind of customer they want to have.

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