Friday, March 10, 2006

Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes

When it came to what I wanted in my kitchen for Christmas this year it was a Les Cruset DuoFeu. I love to cook and this seemed like a good sound addition to my kitchen.

Unfortunatelly, I have used this far to few times in the 3 months that have passed since then. I did a Goose for my wife and I once and I made a chicken casserolle that was good once too. Other than that the piece has served as a dust collector in our cabinet.

Tonight, my wife is having a young couple over who she is giving a bunch of her old materinity clothes to. Things that she will not wear this pregnancy because they are out of season to her stage I guess. She wanted me to cook. I wanted to cook using my SuoFeu. So I put dutch over recipies into Google and got Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes.

I found a few VERY yummy sounding recipies including a recipie for spare ribs that will be our cusine for tonight.

I am excited and plan on using this site to create more great food.

P.S. - In the intrest of full disclosure, my in laws sent my wife and I money which we combined for the duofeu. She however was also kind enough to get me a 14" All Clad LTD Wok from her. My kitchen needs were well cared for by my sweet wife.

P.P.S. - So as not offend others, who also gave me gifts this past Yultide seaon. I got many additional gifts from other friends and loved ones not mentioned here, as they do not pertain to the kitchen, but all were appreciated.

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Anonymous said...

How did I miss the fact that ya'll are having another baby? Congrats!