Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Looking At The New Layout

You should be looking at the layout which will be an adaptation from the Traverse City Jump Start from over at Community MX. There is still alot of work to be done, but I decided to go ahead an publish so that you could actually read the Blog again.

I have never written my own Blogger template before so I am learning how to use the Blogger Tags as I go here. Tonight I will enable comments again, assuming I figuyre out how to do that. I will also change the picture of the woman standing on the shore of Lake Michigan to something that fits me better.

I hope you like the layout. Let me know when comments are renabled. Email me at and don't forget to remove the .ns from address.

- It is Now 12:55 and I have only a few minutes left of lunch... But I think Comments is working now.

- 1:01 PM - Item Pages was all screwed up... but I am hoping now it is cool.


Darla said...

like it... love the blue... very calming and peaceful! makes me want to come back and visit! :)

Anonymous said...

Love the new blog, brother! Like Darla said, the blue is calming; however you may want to use spell check on the header! (It's sepArate, not seperate!!!!)
love you! Erin