Friday, November 11, 2005

A Death At Dry Bones

A Post to read by a good friend who serves at Dry Bones in Denver on the loss of a young street kid last night. This is a reminder of the work laid out for those of us in Christ.

Today is 13 years since I gave up speed myself. I know the attraction these substances have to teens. I can only imagine the magnification of that desire in the lives of young kids who need to "numb the pain" of an abusive homelife. It seems appropraite for me to reflect on such tragedy and the tragedy of the human condition that results in this, on a day like today.

My Prayer:
"Thank you God, for claiming me, for redeeming me, for giving me the world and the people you gave me to find better paths, to make better choices, to lead me deeper into you. I pray that I would be available to be that person for young people in my life who are need of deliverance."

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