Saturday, November 19, 2005

A Call To Christ's Church

Greg Taylor wrote on his blog about the House of Representatives passing a bill that will dessimate a significant portion of welfare in our next federal budget. He also quoted Jim Wallis, whom I read regularly and respect deeply as stating, "Budgets are moral documents that reflect what we care about."

I must state though that I VERY MUCH agree with Mr. Wallis on the nature of budgets but feel this is a personal application to my life and my family, not to my government. I disagree with his disappointment with the House. When government takes from the rich forcibly, that is not by definition charity, that is "socialist redistribution" and is an amoral humanistic ideology.

God always admonishes those who love and serve him to demonstrate their morality through social responsibilty. Social justice is the great calling of the church. It is the greatest calling of each Christ follower because it was repeatedly demosntrated through out Christ own ministry. James the brother of Jesus calls it "undefiled religion"

Aditionally, when we understand that Christ demonstrated the ultimate act of welfare on the cross pouring the wealth of salvation into the poverty of our spirit then we are even more convicted to participate in the practice of charity.

I think we as Christ followers should celebrate this challenge to be more focused on living out the call of the gospel. We must understand that "Budgets are moral documents" and ask ourselves, how does mine look?

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