Thursday, November 10, 2005

I Like My Church With Cream and Sugar

One more post before I get back to the world of Coldfusion Code that is calling me back from today's lunch. Rick Presley wrote an article that I liked over at Ginkworld.

I am definitely looking for new expressions of my faith. I do think that a lot of people in the churches I have been a part practice Churchianity rather than Christianity. However I am not ready to write the whole mess off and de-tox from the "institutional church." I love attending Willow Creek with my daughter on Saturday night, since they are equipped with the staff to excite her about the message and story of the Bible. I like our little church that I am attending and plugged into because there are many people there who love God and are looking to apply that in their lives to a greater degree. I love experiences like inspiration Cafe or the Bridge I have participated in, because they allow me to be in a place serving in the ways I believe Jesus demonstrated.

I agree with Rick. We need to be in the place God has put us, and doing the things God has invited us to join him in doing. Whether at an Emergent Church or an Institutional Church that is what being Christ disciple is.

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