Friday, November 11, 2005

Humbled By Homelessness

Larry James director of Central Dallas Ministries had to following conversation posted on his blog. I am not usually one to copy and paste from another person's Blog, but instead I would normally just link to it. This piece was so humbling to me, I wanted to insure in addition to linking to the actual post, I had included the key portion of the text here.

"Larry," he said, "practically every homeless veteran who is a patient of mine has suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome before they entered the military."

He went on to explain that the reason most of the homeless vets signed up for military service was to escape their lives of horror and pain. Sexual and physical abuse, exsposure to traumatic events, extreme poverty, abandonment. . .the list of horrible circumstances went on and on.

"Once in the military, alcohol and drugs became very accessible. Using drugs and sex to treat the pain of early life was the common choice for the majority of these patients," he reported.

You must go read the entire post in it's context, becuase I believe it will cause you to repent of judgemental and misinformed attitudes you have had towards this class of our society.

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