Thursday, March 03, 2005

Kinko's - It's About Time

I have (among many thousands of other people I assume) put in many request to Kinko's over the years to have a feature where I could send a job from my computer to them from my office. The suggestion always seemed toi be to na avail.
Yesterday, Kinkos relased the File, Print FedEx Kinko's print driver that does just that, and does it as easily as using any other printer installed on your system.

This is a great day for Kinko's and for mobile workers everywhere!!! I mean let's say I have a super who needs to hand a paper report to a job site superintendent, I simply send the report to the Kinko's nearest to him, he picks it up and delivers it just like that. Now that's effiency!

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Gump said...

The software is pretty cool. I travel on business a lot, and I've been using it to send files of my presentation documents to a FedEx Kinko's close to my client meetings. So, instead of lugging 20 copies of bound, color PowerPoint docs through the airport, I just swing by the Kinko's nearby on my way to the meeting. They're paid for and exactly like I requested them.

Gotta love it,