Tuesday, March 08, 2005

I Am A Liberal II

Continuing on from my previous post it should be noted that liberalism in in most pure sense is not a political affiliation, but instead is a philosophical mind set. Many of the great philosophers were philosophical liberals, many of this nations great forefathers were liberals, many of history's finest minds were liberals, Jesus Christ, was a liberal and yet as I continue here I will show that none of these leaders would have been aligned with the brand of mandated liberalism that is being pawned for personal profit and gain by today's democratic and green parties. The two organization violate the spirit of liberalism in their affection toward socialism and communism as the means to a "perfect liberal society" It should be noted however that Communism and Socialism as a system of government have always hurt and exploited the disadvantaged to the benefit of the advantaged.

Only federalism has ever succeeded with creating a government that truly allows a liberal society to thrive in it's commitment to the care of the disadvantaged. America has successfully demonstrated the practicality of personal freedom being the path to improvement of the disadvantage. Until the middle of the 20th century EVERY generation in American History was more blessed, more rich, and more successfully than the generation before it. However that tradition is degrading, The cultural movement toward the government of entitlements and grants has not improved the living standards of the following generations, but instead we stand on a threshold of future generations regressing fiscally and socially with each passing generation.

True liberalism succeeds through the lives and choices of people who can freely choose participation in the care of those in need based on their care for those in need. This is the fundamental truth that the great philosophers, the framers of this republic, and Jesus Christ realized. Jesus compelled his followers to participate in care of the disadvantaged, protect and cherish his creation, and meet not only the physical needs but also the spiritual and emotional needs of those we encounter. Christian's were in fact told to be social liberals out of a response to the spiritual renewal Christ has brought into their life, to love as Christ loved.

Aristotle taught that the center of society was that part of society that was responsible for the care of the most disadvantaged. William Penn framed a system of government that was based on principles that would one day provide the basis of the declaration of independence, the U.S. Bi-Cameral lelgislature and the executive. Penn's liberal ideas formed an environment that saw growth to monumental population growth both in numbers and diversity within Pennsylvania by the end of the 17th century. Thomas Jefferson taught that Christ teachings were the "standard of reason, justice & philanthropy" for a civil society. This mandate left responsibility for fulfillment of these teachings not to "the church", "the priest", or "the government" all of which he mistrusted, but instead to the individual application in people's personal lives.

Christian liberalism, or the "social gospel" is not an idea that can be captured by any political party, government organization, or civil construct. It is a personal way of life for the believer. Liberalism belongs to the individual and it is always exploited and abused when absorbed by any organization structure greater than the individual (i.e. Medieval Catholic Church). A lover of liberalism should fight for the liberty to be free to personally use all his or her resources to the practical benefit of those he or she can personally benefit.

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