Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Further Proof A Fool is Born Every Minute

Tired of the conserative journalistic bias on Fox News and unable to use his remote to change chanels, Sam Kimery invented the Fox Blocker to block reception of Fox News channel. He claims to have sold several hundered copies of his $9 device to other remote impaired fools who would rather spend a few dollars than take the chance of the batteries on their remote dieing just as they flipped past old FNC.

In addition to his fine Fox Blocking device you can also spend an additional $13 to let your friends and family (at least the literate ones) know that you are to stupid to use your remote properly.

Personally, I do just fine avoiding the Ted Turner by flipping past CNN and use words to explain why he is an idiot so both my literate and illiterate friends will know I can both speak, work a remote, and save $22 all at the same time!

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