Thursday, March 31, 2005

Crystal Reports - Supress Group 1 based on Data in Group 2

Here is a CrystalReport I seem to be having a problem with.
The yellow Highlighter is on my JOBID - which is group 1
The Green Highlighter is on my PHASESUBTYPE - which is group 3

Group 2 is always supressed.

This is an labor overage report so group 3 is suppressed if it is not over budget. Whether to supress Group 3 is decided by the amount in the pink highlighter. It is a running total field. If that number is below 0 then the field shows.

How do I tell Crystal to supress the Job completely (a.k.a. Group 1) if all instances of group 3 remain supressed. Job 12297 on the photo sample would be such an instance. I would like the group 1 header and footer to supress in such a situation.

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