Friday, March 04, 2005

2008 Republican Watch

I am Going To demonstrate why the 8 Top Contenders For 2008 Republican Nomination can't win and look at what that means for 2008.

8. Ron Brown - Powerful lover of liberty, too extreme for most moderates even within the Republican party itself.

7. Jeb Bush - Popularity comes as a Bush - Media hates him for family ties.

6. John Ashcroft - Media will make sure he is seen as the intolerant fascist picture of Republicanism they like paint. He comes with too much baggage, and to much fodder.

5. John McCain - Popular with Media but too Moderate for Christian Republican's tastes.

4. George Pataki - Not enough name recognition outside of New York.

3. Chuck Haegel - All American from Midwest - Great look and resume but lacks any national posture to launch a serious campaign from.

2. Condelezza Rice - The Media's Most Hated African American Woman. She is already a media sniper target and the media's hatred of an educated successful African American would only become more pugnent during a Condi run.

1. Rudy Guilliani - Can America's Mayor transition to America's leader? I think a Guilliani campaign would reveal the emperor's real clothing.

This list demonstrates the sad reality of a 2008 democratic victory. Any one of Hillary, Dean, Kerry, Jackson Jr, Edwards, or General Clark could claim the top post in 2008, and the republicans have nothing to offer in opposition.

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xxx said...

Of the Democrats you mentioned, only Edwards would stand a chance.

Rudy would kill. The Republican primary would be tough on him, but from that point on he would be unstoppable. The guy's already world famous, so he doesn't need to spread name recognition or prop himself up. He could dedicate his campaign to pulling apart his competition. He will be the next president and, personally, I can't wait.