Monday, March 07, 2005

I Am A Liberal

I know this may surprise you if you know me only as that Federalist who writes that blog you like to read occasionally, but the truth of the matter is that I am a true philosophical liberal.

I am a Federalist who votes republican because the liberal agenda has been hijacked by radicalized secularist, intent on creating a powerful godless society by stealing the greatest tool ever designed to empower any organization, liberalism.

Nonetheless however I believe it is the responsibility of the "haves" to provide for the "have-nots" Although I feel this should come not from the meaningless redistribution of a faceless federal government, but instead this should be done by those who give out of a genuine love and care that will meet not only the physical needs but also the spiritual and emotional needs of those they are called to provide for. Now that is liberalism that excites me.

I believe that we have to protect and preserve the world we liuve in as much as possible. I believe that finding power sources other than Fossil fuels will be both a finacial freedom and enviromental blessing to our nation. As a true liberal however I believe it is MY responsibilty to do what I can to lessen our dependence on these pollutant generating energy sources. This means if I am commited to this I would need to buy a $45,000 solar cell package that would power my home and recharge my electric vehicle each night. Although I do think this is an important goal, right now I can not afford this kind of a commitment.

This is where liberals who support the democrat "Big Brother Government" idea fail to see the harm they cause. Allow me to illustrate. A few years ago I was making exactly $1000 a week. My take home pay was $831. This means $169 went to Uncle Sam in one form or another. Uncle sam also recieved another $75 a week from my employers portion of Socialist Security. For the sake of argument let's say I was investing 15% of my income into my retirement. (I would not be, I'd be more at 8%-10% but that is for another day). This means the net difference in my take home pay would have been $82.75 a week. Now let's say I went out and financed that improvement to my home at 6% for 20 years. This would consume my newly aquired $328 a month and I could feel good knowing I was doing my part to "save the earth" if that was my particular cause. (This assumes I was voting democratic because they were the party who would save the earth)

Of course actually the entire game gets better. I have not accounted for $120 a month I send to Comed currently. Perhaps with this extra $30 a week, I can buy some groceries for that less advantaged guy at work with 2 kids making $12 an hour. Now I am helping saving the earth, and helping improve the life for a family of 4.

I don't know about you, but I think I have done a lot better with that $83 than uncle sam ever did.

I could continue on with whatever cause is close to your heart, because it does not matter what you are passionate about. Your money is better spent to improve the world by you, than by those who want to spend it for you.

I am just one liberal who will keep voting republican!

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