Thursday, September 02, 2004

A Selfsih Hedonist

Alan Keyes refered to Vice President Cheney's lesbian daughter as a "selfish hedonist" while being intervied by a gay/lesbian radio station earlier this week.

"OUCH!!!" I feel this accusation was inflamatory and would have been better left unspoken. Being a social conserative is not a license to be impolite. Stating truth that her decisions are sinful before God, defy the biological basis for life, and are a perversion of the beautiful gift of sexuality would have all been more appropriate statements that the words he chose to inflame the gay/lesbian community.

This does not change my feelings, my support, and my allegiance to Ambassador Keyes. I merely am stating that I believe as statement of fact, rather than a judgement of character would have been a more appropriate response in his situation.

ON THE FLIP SIDE HOWEVER - I feel Greta Van Sustren was VERY WRONG on her show last night when she stated that the no republican should vote for Dr. Keyes after a comment like that. PLEASE!!!! A canidate can claim the "I am a Gay American Defense" and be shrouded in a white cloak that shields the worlds eyes from their fraud and deception, but make a rude comment back the other direction and she contends you should be ostracized and removed from the ballot.


Kevin J Bowman said...

Here is a link to a gay/lesbian news site.

From the way this article reads, Dr. Keyes did not attack or even mention Mary Cheney. Dr. Keyes expressed his opinion that Homosexuality was "selfish hedonism" The interviewer then asked if that made Mary Cheney a selfish hedonist to which he replied, "Of course she is. That goes by definition." Dr. Keyes was not going to be swayed from the point he was making by the exclusion of a single individual because of who her father is. Dr. Keyes' principle does not allow him to have a double standard in his logic between the general idea and the individual.

Kevin J Bowman said...

Even more clarification from Joseph Fararr.

This does bring me to another point of how he can get transcripts but I can not, but OH WELL! Still looking for transcripts.