Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Maya Keyes - An Honest Answer & Analysis

I was contacted today by John Chase at the Tribune asking me about a post from the Keyes For Senate 2004 group on Yahoo Groups. I did verify the accuracy of the post, that I had infact met Maya Keyes at the Patriots Day event in Wheaton. He asked me many more questions about conversations, emails, etc. I had with her, and if we had discussed her sexuality. All other questions, and the contents of our conversations I refused to answer.

Personally I think that this is SUCH a non-issue anyway. The left will never be able to understand that truth is irrelevant to family opinion. Whether Dr. Keyes' daughter is a lesbian or not has no bearing on his statements against homosexual marriage. When one use the Bible as the basis of their moral code, rather than gallup polls and trend charts, their surroundings do not possess the ability to change their moral principle.

The next few days are going to be rough in the Keyes camp. I only hope that through this the press will be able to have a more full understanding of Dr. Keyes' basis of truth.

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