Monday, September 13, 2004

Meeting & Defending The Dr.

Well I SOOOOOOOO wanted to meet Dr. Keyes at the rally on Saturday, but alas I was unable to leave my pile of shirts for sale to stand in the shake hands with Dr. Keyes line. That was a bummer. I am STILL holding out to shake hands with him ONCE before November.

Sunday night after church I was defending Dr. Keyes to a member of our church who thought Dr. Keyes was a "Psycho" and yet supportted the Federal Marriage Amendment, his pro-life stand, and his fiscal policies. This means by my analysis this man is going to vote for Barak Obama on account of the liberal media's anti Keyes bias though he agrees with Keyes in principle on all major issues. Go figure. I disagree with Dr. Keyes on the Federal Marriage Amendment, and on some of his fiscal stands; he disagrees with Dr. Keyes on nothing and I am the one voting and campaigning for him, and he is supporting that socialist baby killer. OH Well, makes no sense to me.

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