Friday, September 24, 2004

How To Build A Campaign Yard Sign

Step 1: Squeeze legs together so the top angles are at about 70 Degrees.
Step 2: Place sign frame in the ground.
Step 3: Place bag (actual sign) over frame.
Step 4: Staple top over frame making sure to push the back staple stop forward with your finger.
Step 5: Staple bottom of sign three times.
Step 6: Remove from ground and place in completed pile.

So last night I spent 4 hours with a group of other volunteers building yard signs for the Keyes for Senate campaign. As a group of about 8 people we assembled probably 300 signs in that time period. In the midst of that we aso had an enjoyable dialog with one of the hosts neighbors. Poor guy was WAY out classed in the debate. The actual host of the sign building event (his neighbor) had him for lunch, and in the occasional weak moment from her, there were 3 others of us waiting to back her up and take him. He did not stand a chance.
All together it was a fun evening!

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