Friday, September 10, 2004

My T-Shirt is On Keyes Official campaign website

I'm So Excited... And I Just Can't Hide It.. I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!! I'm so Excited...

OK enough already! I am EXCITED to say that my ILLINOIS NEEDS ALAN KEYES t-shirt is being offered on the
Alan Keyes for Senate :: Official campaign website YIPEE!!!!

I love Dr. Keyes. I am SOOOOOO sad that I missed my oppurtunity to meet him last Saturday. (You see he and William Shatner were going to be hanging out at this Celebrity Paintball event. As part of my thank you for the GREAT price I gacve the charity on printing, I was supposed to get to meet William Shattner and Alan Keyes was going to be there at that time slot. But my kids were at camp and so sadly I missed my oppurtunity to meet Dr. Keyes to spend a weekend with the teens at camp. I love the teens, I love camp, and I have no regrets.... I am just a little sad.

Anyway, my shirts are up there... and I am going to try and meet him tommorow morning!

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Like Reading said...

You look so excited about this T-Shirt. Every time I have a T-shirt, I think that is it beautiful not the brand name. The second is to bring the iron board and make it straight with the irony. Sound weird, right? It's from my sister Va Dalin, she advises me Lol, it does seem damn good