Saturday, September 04, 2004

The Froggy Was Poofed Into Cash

So my 3 year old is running around the house right now excited because her fairy doll poofed her pet frog into cash.

Allow me to explain. We were out at camp tonight and at about 7:30 PM I found a frog and allowed Ella to hold it. She held it and held it and held it until 9:40- when it was time to leave for home. Now I had no intention of her bringing a frog home and she had no intention of the frog staying at camp. She had become VERY attached and a fight somehow did not seem right.

So how to fix a perplexing problem we were faced with. The idea was suggested and implemented. I stole the frog from her backpack where she had placed it for a safe ride home. I replaced the froggy w/ a $1 dollar bill and rezipped the bag closed. When we arrived home and Ella looked inside the bag. There instead of a frog, was $1 for riding the rides at the mall. Excitement followed and Ella recieved a great present. Ella was quite excited by the niceness and care demonstrated by her fairy doll.

Of course, Ella being my little entrpenuer, is now determined to find MORE frogs, an entire froggy family that she can put in her bag and have turned into cash.


Randy said...

Do I detect a little bit of pride in your solution to your problems, a wee bit of patting yourself on the back? Well, brother of mine, in my humble opinion you lost this battle in War of Wills. Now, you did use and ingenious method to minimize your losses, but as soon as the frog found its way into my angelic niece’s bag, you were the loser.

Of course, what is my opinion worth, I don't have a strong-willed three year old, so I don't know what your options really were. May God be with you at your next battle, you will definitely need all the help you can get. :)

Kevin J Bowman said...

2 points to reply to you:

1. I was not proud of losing battle. It was my lovely wife who did not want the fight. Ella was a VERY TIRED little girl after a whole day at camp. Sometimes you give up a fort to save the sanity of the nation.

2. I was very proud of her desire to find an entire family of frogs!