Thursday, March 06, 2008

Lent:: Abundant Life

"He found that he was often angry...that they were satisfied with their lives which had none of the vibrance his own was taking on. And he was angry at himself, that he could not change that for them." -Lois Lowry
In Lois Lowry's "the Giver" Jonas learns the truth of the world that everyone around him has given up in order to live in the comfort of their mundane lives. The people have given up all memory for the familiarity of a sterile prosaic monotony. There is no war, or hunger, or poverty; for this there is no color, no creativity, and no dreams. Jonas as he discovers the true joy of a life filled with color and promise is forced to flee the flat routine of his worlds uneventful utopia.

The Giver has been one of my favorite books since I first read it. Other books have come and went, but The Giver has maintained it's secure hold as my top fiction title. I am wild at heart spontaneous dreamer and a free spirited radical. I relate the awkward tension between Jonas' world and my own.

My seditious temperament often finds itself deeply pleased by the revolutionary subversion in the interactions between Jesus and his audience. Jesus wasn't safe to invite to a dinner party. I LOVE THAT!!!!

In my personal "pledge of allegiance" John 10:10 Christ contrast his abundant life promise to that of a thief. The thief wants to steal, kill, and destroy. The contrast to the opulence of Christ is not average mediocrity, it is barren poverty.

I am a communicator and yet it frustrates me that so many of the people of God are willing to accept the dearth of complacency despite it's negative effects on their marriages, their children, and their own peace while I am unable to herald a commission to change. Exasperation peaks within me as I look at the requiem of our cars, homes, clothing, and entertainment realizing the routine pursuit of these things are cancerous to us.

I will step off my soap box, put away my bullhorn and "end is near" sign and admit that I need a lot more abundant life too. I am amazed at how opposite the values, challenges, and activities of Jesus from our "norm." I want to be obsessed with His insurgence to a greater measure than I have sought the vacancy of this world's ways. I want abundant life! Here I Am Lord Send Me!


Elysa said...

Man, Kevin! That's GOOD! I surely do wish you and the wife were in our area. You guys are the kind of people I want to be interacting with and ACTING with! Pray God will put some folks like you into our lives.

And listen...may I please post this at my blog? I want MY homies to read it. I'm trying my best to also shout the message of abundant life through living for others and Jesus but my bullhorn sometimes gets "old".

Let me know, bro. (Hey, that rhymes!)

Love to you and C!

Kevin J Bowman said...

Please, I would be abundantly honored!!!

Elysa said...

Thanks! Going to post it right now.


Elysa said...

Its up at my blog. And I love the piccha of you and Christi that I used (snagged it from your facebook). It makes me feel happy every time I look at it. You guys are so awesome! Many times, I only really like one half of a couple but where you guys are concerned, you BOTH are incredible!!!

Give the wife a big ole smooch from me!