Thursday, March 20, 2008

This Is What I Am Talking About!

I do realize that it's possible that God intends to use his followers to create a just world. that's the only thought that keeps me believing in him, actually. maybe if our churches weren't just fucking social clubs designed to make people feel better about themselves and promote their suffocating and sickening agendas, maybe if people in churches actually followed Christ's teachings and lived among the poor, meeting their immediate needs, maybe then we'd see actual change in the world.

This was written by one of our campers from many years ago. She illustrates the challenge of Holding on to Faith SO MUCH better than I could have. She is living out the flesh of struggle that we need to be forming our youth to be prepared for! Without agreeing on every point she makes I share in her tension between what church should look like and what it does look like.

I don't have any easy answers to give her. I am honored to be present as she is asking the question!


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